Friday, May 28, 2010

Nachos For A Superstar [ and friends ]

(this is a guest post from Secondborn)

Superstar Second Born in the house. Today I had to make a recipe that uses cheese for HOME ECONOMICS. I went on Blackle and looked up superstar nachos for fun and because nachos have cheese obviously. Well I found SuperStar Nachos on Lifestyle cooking and used it. My group used it and we decided it was really good and we also won the Best Recipe Contest. They are great for parties or quick family meals.

To make these nachos you must get a cookie sheet or ovenproof plate of some sort and put a layer of cornchips on. Then add any types of cheese you like. Put on some type of bite sized meat and drizzle on barbeque sauce. Bake at 350 degrees for ten or more minutes depending on the amount of the nachos. Superstar Secondborn is not in charge of any food poisioning or serious health problems you have after eating these nachos :) JK

But be warned this recipe must be made only the superstars of the family, like Cousin LB (initials) and cousin KB (also initials), can be the head chef or the nachos will be cursed. But as long as a superstar is the head chef the whole family can help. If you dont know who the superstar is in your family then take a vote. Parents just hope you know who the superstar of your family is otherwise youre up for a long vote. Kids can not vote for themselves in this matter.

Superstar Secondborn Out.


Soozcat said...

Thanks for the recipe! We'll make Superstar Miss V cook it for us some time soon. :)

Angela said...

Who's the superstar in my house since I don't have kids? Hmmmmm. Brody.