Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pinewood Derby

Thirdborn participated in the Pinewood Derby. Unfortunately, he placed last in every race but one. Someone threw or dropped his car (depending on who is telling the story) and made the front wheels wobbly. The only reason he place 3rd in his last race was because he raced his car backwards. Too bad we didn't think of that sooner.
To make up for the sadness of the day, we took the kids for milkshakes. Odd behavior in the drive thru ensued.
At one point The Love Magnet started to climb out onto the back of the truck. Mr. Wonderful nixed that idea pretty quickly.
Thirdborn got into the act. Doesn't look too sad now, does he?


Melissa said...

I really like the pinewood derby, but some parents take it so seriously, it kind-of ruins the fun. My kids have never won yet, and they've all survived. Hopefully they all won't be scarred for life. :)

Sandy said...

Our poor son never won, either. And I don't think that anyone dropped his car. His dad just wasn't that much with tinkering with the kids' projects. LOL!