Monday, May 31, 2010

A Lucky Day

Superstar Secondborn is back for more.
Today we went to Swan Falls Reservoir to catch some fish. No luck. But some really nice guy gave us two fish for free because he didn't have enough for the meal he wanted to make that night. But third born and I weren't leaving until we caught something so we caught a blue-bellied swift [as seen above and below] We brought it home and now it is thirdborn and my pet. We went to the local pet store and bought food and all the necessary things it needs. When we were there a customer service guy named Tyler gave us four free crickets for it to eat. Then he showed us another swift that they called and emerald swift. When I have enough money I'm going to go back and buy it to put it with my other swift.

Superstar Secondborn out for now.

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