Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Homemaking grade - F

I attempted peach butter for the first time. I should have known that it wouldn't work well when I first prepped the peaches. They clung to the pit (whoops, forgot to check for freestone), and they just didn't smell peachy enough. It took twice the prescribed time amount to cook those down in my slow cooker. House smells great. Peach butter only made 3 1/2 pints, too sweet, and it doesn't taste peachy.

I should have stuck with apple butter and pumpkin butter. I know how to make those with success.

May I just add here that I haven't bottled ANYTHING this year? No applesauce, no peaches or pears, not even grandma's salsa. I didn't bother to make strawberry or raspberry jam (still have a little left in the freezer from the previous year.) No one touched the plum vanilla jam from last year- that won't be made again. Grandma S would be rolling in her grave - I haven't even put veggies in my freezer. My garden is a bust. Mr. Wonderful wants to till it all under and forget it next year....until I sung to him the Primary song about planting a garden. I think the song is cheesy. But it got the point across - we plant a garden every year. Period.

I haven't attempted a major new recipe since school started. Most of my cooking has been from memory. Tonight is Dijon Chicken Stew with Potatoes and Kale - perfect for the windy, rainy day we've had. And I can do that from memory, too. At least I still can do nutrition.

Laundry pile? What laundry pile? Oh....you mean that mountain over there?

It's Halloween. Dust and cobwebs are really in vogue right now.......sure.
(psst -I resorted to buying costumes this year, because I just don't have the mental energy to put anything together.)


Okay, so homemaking grade is shot for the semester, but I do get decent marks for mommy-ing. I still read books, check homework, and make sure they are wearing something clean and comb their hair before they leave for school.


Soozcat said...

Wait... we're getting graded for homemaking?

I'm in big trouble.

Ginger Johnson said...

Let it go. It honestly doesn't matter. Sure store-canned peaches and pears don't taste as good as home-canned, but kids have a tendency to like things like hot dogs and fish sticks. They won't keel over if you don't give them home-canned peaches for a year or two.

And just think--they'll appreciate it all the more when you *do* go back to canning, and trying new recipes, and dusting your house.

In the meantime, you've got some other things to do that take priority, and you're doing those things--the really important things.

Don't hold yourself accountable for homemaking perfection right now.

Heaven knows, I don't. :)

ParkerMama said...

Girl, I can't imagine you being anything but wonderful.


Tammy and Parker

Melissa said...

You comb the kids' hair everyday? One day I did that during the week, and one of my kids said, "Wait, it's not Sunday." So you're ahead of me! (And I don't can a thing either.....ever!) I hope that doesn't translate to being a bad mom. Or I'm just plain hatin' it! :) Hang in there! (I loved this post, by the way).

Angela said...

Well if that makes being a good mom I will be terrible when I have kids because they won't have a garden, and will probably never taste canned fruit. Food? Not a lot of options going on in this house. I think loving your kids is plenty good...don't worry about the rest. You're pretty much super mom right now you know?