Saturday, October 02, 2010

Saturday Mornings with The Love Magnet

The Love Magnet: Good morning, Mom!

Me: Good morning, sweetheart. Did you sleep?

TLM: I wake up now . Thank you for dinner last night. Thank you for movie last night. Thank you for bek-fust.
Me: um, sweetie, I'm sorry. I can't make pancakes this morning. I am trying to do my homework. I have a lot. Can you eat cereal or toast this morning?

TLM: Oh, okay. Thank you for toast, mom. Thank you for Pi'cess Fwee-o-nee-ah costume for Hall'ween.

TLM: It Hall'ween today, mom?

Me: No, Halloween is in 29 more days.

TLM: Oh. (looks at fingers and toes) Thank you for nail polish, Mom. Thank you for pajamas. (gives me a big hug and kisses my cheek). I go eat bek-fust now, Mom. Thank you for bek-fust. (she heads downstairs)

This is a typical Saturday morning. The Love Magnet is always in a good mood when she gets to wake up on her own. She then comes in my room, cuddles in my bed, and thanks me for everything that pops into her head.
It's a gratitude fest.
Are you a grateful Love Magnet?


Kristin said...

Aaaah. So cute.

Rachel Smith said...

This makes me so excited to see the sweet things that Stockton will do. Love that girl!