Sunday, December 14, 2008

12 Great Things About Secondborn in honor of his 12th birthday

Secondborn and two of his favorite cousins
1. Secondborn is smart. He loves school and learning new things.
2. He is very self-disciplined. I never have to worry about him doing his homework as he gets it done on his own. He is constantly making goals and working on them. He prepares in advance for tests.
3. Secondborn sees the good in people. He is a loyal friend and will look for everyone's strengths.
4. He is kind. He will seek out anyone in need of service or a friend.
5. My son is grateful. He never fails to thank me for a ride, a meal, or for helping him in any way.
6. Secondborn is patient, especially with The Love Magnet. He helps her with homework, with the computer, and with anything she asks of him. I noticed today one of the ways in which that patience paid off. I taught my daughter's Primary class today. When class was over, and all of the children were waiting for their family members to pick them up, The Love Magnet proudly told her classmates and me that she was waiting for her brother. When Secondborn came in, she jumped in his arms, totally content to be there. I pointed out to him that she had been waiting for him and did he know to come? No, he didn't, but he was sure pleased that she singled him out.
7. Secondborn is good at basketball. He consistently scored half of his team's points every game this season. He has worked hard at improving (one of his goals) and spent a lot of time with Mr. Wonderful at the church gym after Scouts, practicing his techniques.
8. He is a good example. A few of his friends have quit swearing in his presence after he told them it wasn't cool.
9. He loves to read. All he wanted for his birthday were books. I have to check his room before I go to sleep because he reads late into the night. How can I get mad at that?
10. He loves his extended family. His favorite thing about trips to Utah is seeing his favorite cousins.
11. He has a surprising love for cooking. He really enjoyed the home economics (not sure what they call it now) class this past term and came home with a few recipes. Now he wants to help out in the kitchen more. I'll encourage that. He has mastered spaghetti sauce without a recipe. He loves to make pull apart sticky rolls and Orange Julius. Time to learn how to make pizza dough. After that we'll start on Sunday dinner prep.
12. This kid loves the gospel. He has asked if he could teach the Family Night lesson tomorrow. I'm not sure what it is: Aaronic priesthood, a scripture story, something about Christmas? I"m looking forward to having my 12 year old son teach me.

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