Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Secret Santa with my Cookies (the women, not the holiday treats)

There is a group of women I have known for 5 years. Most of them I have never met in person.

We refer to ourselves as the Cookies. Originally brought together to swap healthy recipes, we've become so much more to each other. These women are all kindred spirits in the very best sense.

For the past four years we've had a Secret Santa swap (something that some of the Cookies have admitted that they look forward to more than any other present. The gifts in the past have been often hilarious, sometimes very touching. Last year I received from Chrissy a hand-knit wrap that I refer to has my "Chrissy Hug". The year before, cookbooks from Cape Cod from sweet Claudia. Claudia passed away this year after a brave battle against cancer. I will miss her dearly.

This year Chris in PA drew my name. She knew about the tea parties and my hunt for tea things. Chris told me she scoured antique shops looking for the perfect teacup and saucer to add to my collection. I love this! This teacup will be for me. Along with the teacup, Chris sent me the Heinz Field Cookbook filled with tailgating recipes. I mentioned to the cookies how I loved collecting regional cookbooks on my vacays. This particular cookbook will be fun to use. Now I have to plan a football party. (Not to mention I have to learn how the game is played so I can actually watch it. The Cookies know all about my sports gaffes in the past. They still love me.)
Thank you so much, Chris. I P2H you to the Nth power! xoxo

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MrsVJW said...

Merry Christmas to you all! And the teacup is beautiful!!

A Superbowl party, even for your own family, is loads of fun. And to learn about football, if you invite someone over who knows about football, is to ask questions during the "down time" moments of the game. Not while they are running plays. If you ask while the commentators are yammering on or during commercials, most sports addicts are happy to explain/discuss as long as they are not missing the action.

I still have to figure out if the Man is still serious in his request to have chili AND ribs on Superbowl Sunday. I usually do just ribs.