Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Gratitudes

My last Sunday Gratitudes for 2008.

I'm grateful for my testimony of my Savior, Jesus Christ. I know that without Him, I am nothing. It is through him where I receive my strength. Because of Him and His sacrifice, I will be able to live with my Heavenly Father again. He knows every single one of my strengths and my weaknesses...and He loves me. My goal in 2009 is to learn more about Him and grow closer to Him.

I'm grateful for my courteous Firstborn son. Today I watched him jump up to open a door for a man whose arms were full of a wiggly, screaming child. My son wasn't supposed to be manning the door at church today. He was helping to pass the sacrament. I watched from my seat behind the pulpit (I sit there when I am not conducting the congregational hymns) as my son noticed this father and child head up the aisle and moved over to the door in order to help. I know its just a small thing. But it was one of those moments where I realized that Firstborn will grow up just fine.

I'm grateful that we are all healthy, happy, and home. That gratitude is in my prayers every single night.

I'm grateful for the high school friendships I've renewed in the past week. I was a drama geek way back in the 80's. My closest friends were part of that group. It has been fun to reconnect with them.

I'm grateful for one of the men in my ward. He asked The Love Magnet if she was ready to be the hymnbook girl again. For the past few months, my daughter (and also Thirdborn) have been helping him put hymnbooks on the folding chairs in the overflow of the chapel (our ward is so huge we fill up all three overflows). The Love Magnet loved being asked and knew exactly what to do. I am thrilled that someone else was taking the time to teach her how to give service. (During that time I am setting up in front and making sure the hymn numbers are in place.)

I'm grateful yet again for all the patient Primary teachers and Sunday school teachers my kids had this past year. Next week they will have new teachers. I hope we get to meet them before Sunday so The Love Magnet doesn't get stressed over the change in her schedule.

I'm grateful for all the friends I've met through this blog. One of these days I will be able to met you in person and give you a hug with skin on it.


Jana said...

I read your Sunday gratitudes ... I am friend of Melissa Jones'. (not a blog stalker) I was bored and started reading the blogs on all my friends' lists. I have a step brother with downs ... he is a special man ... and a good friend of mine had a brother with downs and is waiting for me in heaven (I'm single and was whining about it once, He purposed and I said we would meet up in heaven! He passed away a few years ago ... he's waiting :o))

Robyn said...

I'm grateful I've found your blog. It has been a great year of gratitudes and you've reminded me several times how important it is to be grateful.

I've loved getting to know your family and hope to read about you and yours for quite some time!

mum2brady said...

Wonderful list of gratitudes Carrie! I'm so happy you post them, it always lifts me and inspires me.

I'm grateful for friends like YOU :)

Happy New Year!!!