Sunday, April 05, 2009

I really ROCK at this food storage thing....

Over the weekend I bought 80 boxes of Post cereals for $51.20. That breaks down to $0.67/box. (Cereal that would normally cost $4.98 a box for a total of $398.40.) I saved $347.20.

Now, I know you are thinking: What on earth is she going to do with EIGHTY boxes of Post cereals?!

I'll have you know that I have four children, two of them teenagers. They eat through one box every morning. (no, I am not kidding). If I let them eat cold cereal every single morning, those boxes wouldn't last three months.

Good thing I don't let them eat cold cereal every single morning. There are also pancakes, muffins, oatmeal (not much success in getting them to like oatmeal but they still have to eat it every now and then), bacon and eggs, and smoothies.

Truly, food storage is a really good thing. It saves money since you stock up on sale items. It saves trips to the grocery store. Click on these links for ideas:

Simply Living Smart
Food Storage Made Easy
Provident Living


CandyandLadybugs said...

You're awesome! I bet we could go through half that much cereal and be in cereal heaven. My girls and I love cereal. :)

Monica said...

Wow, that is amazing how much money you saved!!!


I can always use ideas on how to save money and keep food in the house. Now that we are thinking on having one more child I am trying to cut back any way i can and food is the biggest cost. Thanks for the info

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