Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Little Houdini

We discovered this past weekend that The Love Magnet has learned how to open the garage door, run outside, and close it using the security key pad. She thinks she has discovered the freedom to run and play whenever she wants.

Made a trip to the local hardware store. Bought flap locks for all doors leading outside or too the garage. Installing them high in case The Love Magnet decides to take a chair to the door and see if she can learn how to unlock flap locks.

My daughter thinks it highly unfair that her brothers can play with friends without having Mom along as a chaperon. She also thinks that she should be allowed to do everything they do, no matter how age-inappropriate it may be for her.

My 6 year old has suddenly turned 16. What on earth am I going to do when she really turns 16 and wants to drive?


Monica said...

I'm sorry Love Magnet makes me smile!! But, I also know the frustration and fear that something could happen. Adam can now bring a chair over and unlock the deadbolts we had to put up high on our doors. Thankfully he is now older and understands the danger (kinda) in taking off without permission. Although I might be eating those words this summer. He really doesn't try anymore, But when he was 6, oh my, lets just say I was always wearing my running shoes!! Good Luck!!

Rachel Smith said...

Sounds like she is always full of surprises. I love reading your blog so I am excited for your classes to be done too!