Monday, April 13, 2009

Proud Mom Moment

Last weekend, Firstborn told me about a lesson in his English class. His teacher asked the class "What is chivalry?"

No one could answer.

No one except Firstborn.

When his teacher asked him how he knew these things, he told her about being taught at home. Opening doors for all women. Letting a woman walk first into a room. Standing up when a woman walks into a room. Offering your chair. Holding a chair for a woman. Helping her with her coat. When walking on the street with a woman, be sure that you are walking between her and traffic. Offering your arm to a woman, especially if the way is slick, so she doesn't fall. In other words, doing everything you can to show respect to women. (In case you are wondering, Firstborn gave me this definition.)

He told her that he watched his dad act that way towards his mom. He also said that his mom took all her sons on dates and made sure they learned how to do the same.

Amazement from English Teacher.

Meanwhile at home, I am thankful that the lessons at home are truly sinking in. I am grateful that he has now seen the validity of such lessons. Not only did it earn him an A that day, he has seen that girls like being treated in this manner.

I am a Proud Mom.


Anna said...

Nice work Carrie, you should be proud.

Michelle said...

I just found your blog via Sarah (class of 2008) I have an almost-6 yr old daughter w/Ds...not sure how I haven't come across your blog before! What a proud mom moment indeed! How wonderful that your son realizes the great examples being set by his parents!