Thursday, May 21, 2009

Field Trip

Hey Love Magnet, wake up! It's field trip day. Time to get dressed, brush teeth, comb hair, eat breakfast and....

Ummm, Love Magnet....?

We made it just in time for the bus. Off to the Botanical Gardens. What a gorgeous, sun-shiney day! Apparently too bright to open your eyes....

The Love Magnet tried to listen to the science lecture about roots and stems and leaves and fruit and flowers. Then her attention wandered off.... the mention of flowers. These purple ones were right over her head.

Back to the science lecture. It was getting too long for her when they started talking about seeds. Good thing they brought out exploded seeds to eat (popcorn).

Everyone was getting wiggly by then.

Some of the garden tour was about flowers and native plants.

Then we were given the chance to look for toads.
Found the eggs! It looks like a necklace.

Found the toad! Can you see it?

After the toads it was time for the science hunt. The Love Magnet loved having her very own magnifying glass.

Looking for seeds, flowers, bugs, rocks.....

....and sticks.

Holding worms was fun....until it started to squirm around. That was just too much. To her credit, the Love Magnet did not scream and throw her worm the way other kids did.

She just let her other friends hold the worm for her so she could keep looking.

Riding home, The Love Magnet did not want to sit by her mom or her aide. She is much too cool for that. It was hard to get her to stay in one seat as everyone wanted her to sit by them.


Kimberly said...

What a great memory! Don't you just love blogging?!

My name is Sarah said...

What a GREAT day. You did awesome. I can't believe you held that worm. Yuk. I love how you did not want to sit next to your mom on the bus. Me either.

Julie Freeman said...

I'm so glad you took these pictures. Abi said - "I saw them at the field trip!" I didn't get to go and I was so sad - I'm glad I could see your pictures and have Abi tell me about her day! Looks like fun!

ParkerMama said...

So much fun! I wish I could have gone too. You are a very luck Mama.

Hey, We are thinking of chickens here. Have you had them before then? Lots of work?

Melissa said...

Very sweet post! Loved it!