Thursday, May 28, 2009

So many things to think about...

My mind has been running full steam lately which tends to make me forgetful of other things. I apologize for forgetting my Sunday Gratitudes list. I spent the weekend wishing I was in Utah so I could help my mom decorate family graves. Memorial Day was spent planting a garden (and wishing I had inherited Grandma's green thumb) followed by a barbecue with some wonderful friends we've made here.

As for what is occupying my mind (beyond housework and homework) has been my kids. I've been jumping through the hoops require to get The Love Magnet registered for Medicaid so we can get extra therapies this summer. Since it won't be ready by the end of school, I had to ask for her to be included in the school's summer program. Last year's experience with the school summer program was not a good experience. She ran away multiple times a day and they never read her file to know that she is a wanderer. Not once did she come home with papers proving she did something constructive that day. And she lost a lot of her skills. Once Medicaid is approved, I hope she'll be attending a local learning center for children and adults with intellectual disabilities. It just seems like a better fit for the summer.

(Oh for the days of innocence when I never gave a thought to Medicaid applications, insurance, my homework, the kid's homework, getting dinner on the table, keeping the laundry somewhat in check, when I had no more responsibility than to keep my room clean and be sure to come home when my mom told me to. .................. Never mind. Mr. Wonderful is too wonderful to miss the days before him. And my kids warm my heart.)

I've also been gathering paperwork and filling out forms for a learning center to help with Thirdborn's learning disability. He has done so well this past school year and I really want him to build on that rather than losing skills overs the summer. The center for him is insanely expensive. The tuition will be paid out of our family vacation fund so this year's vacay will be somewhere within driving distance or else canceled. The learning center will be worth every single penny and more if it helps my child.

On a much brighter note, everyone is healthy here. We still have a job in this economy. Food on our table. Clothes on our backs. Clean water. Dependable electricity. Good neighbors. One mortgage. Learning programs available for my children. The opportunity to go back to school.

So many things for which to be grateful.


My name is Sarah said...

This is JOyce. Ugh. Paperwork and forms. Such a necessary evil. I love your last paragraph. So true and a great reminder for me too.

Melissa said...

I enjoyed this post, Carrie. Down to earth and honest! Hang in there....I'm thinking about you. Hope it all works out this summer.

Sandy said...

I can't start to imagine how you do all that you do. We "only" had three children, and I was running all the time. I did manage to get my bachelor's (finish it, anyway) and get my master's while they were home, but it wasn't easy. You have even more challenges than I did. I applaud you. God is making you a blessing to so many.