Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sunday Gratitudes (on a Monday)

I'm grateful for airplanes that save me from a 16 hour car ride with 4 impatient children. I can handle 4 impatient children for three hours in a plane. My apologies for those who had to ride with us.

I'm thankful that my nephew was married in the San Diego Temple. That place is absolutely beautiful. The sealer who presided over the ordinance was a joy to listen to. He sounded (and looked) like a Hawaiian version of Colonel Sanders from KFC. He also knew many of the same people Mr. Wonderful knew in Hawaii.

I arranged to meet one of my Cookies while at the temple. Barbara took time out of her busy schedule to meet me on the grounds while the picture-taking was going on. It was so fun to see her. I'm grateful that Mr. Wonderful and the kids were able to meet her, too. I wish we had the entire day to talk rather than the half hour or so.

My kids had a great time in San Diego. There wasn't any time to do Disneyland, Sea World, or even Legoland. But they did get to play with friends, swim in pools and the ocean, see seals at the ocean,and collect shells. I'm grateful that they were able to spend the time doing this with Mr. Wonderful and his parents.

According to Thirdborn, the best part of the trip was the very last second. He wants to be a pilot. When this was discovered by the airplane crew, they escorted him into the cockpit at the end of the trip to show him all the gadgets and gizmos and let him be the one to switch the plane off. Thirdborn was beside himself with joy. I'm grateful that this crew would take the time to do all of this. Thirdborn refuses to take his wings off that he was given by the copilot.

I'm grateful to come home to my own kitchen. Get ready to cook. Tonight I'm making a southern banana pudding for a belated Family Home Evening.

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Aimster said...

Carrie: That sounds like a great trip and so glad you got to see Barbara!