Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Gratitudes

Today is dedicated to one incredible gratitude. Something that you, dear reader, might just take for granted. One simple gratitude that has had me teary all afternoon.

Today in church, as soon as Sacrament Meeting was over, a girl in The Love Magnet's class came over and announced that she would take TLM to Primary. My daughter has never gone to Primary without adult supervision. We just can't trust that she will get there without wandering off. I was surprised at first when the request was made. I asked the girl "Do you understand that you can't leave her alone and have to stay with her until her teacher comes to sit by her?" Sweet Miss R looked at me and replied "She's in my class. I'm not going to leave her alone!"

My daughter was so excited to go. Her mantra for over a year now has been "I do it myself!" Off they went, holding hands. I let them get a distance away and started to follow. (I'm a mom. Of course I'm going to follow.)

They made it down the hallway, still holding hands, The Love Magnet grinning from ear to ear.

In the Primary room The Love Magnet was greeted by another girl who took her other hand. Sweet Miss R and Sweet Miss L sat down on either side of her and the three were talking animatedly about the Primary activity the day before. (FYI: We learned by accident at the activity yesterday that fog machines will set off the church smoke alarms which brings the fire department. We also learned how to herd over 100 children out of the building without a mishap. It made for a very memorable Primary Activity Day.) Two of the boys seated in front of the three girls turned around in their seats and joined in the conversation. The Love Magnet took part in all off it, asking and answering questions and laughing at descriptions of the fire truck.

I was trying to peek unobtrusively through the back door of the Primary room, tears in my eyes.

My daughter was a part of the group. Not a project. She was just another child having a great time with her friends. These children saw my daughter, not her disability.

I can't even write this without dissolving in tears!

To watch my daughter participate in a typical, simple interaction is such a milestone to me. I am so grateful to these families who teach their children kindness. I'm thankful that I would witness such an event and understand it as one of our Heavenly Father's tender mercies. It was a blessing, a simple assurance in my heart that our Heavenly Father is very aware of each of us and watches over us. Nothing is too small for Him. He was very aware of of my emotions and knew how thrilled and thankful I was. He understood. I truly felt His love.

Next week when sweet Miss R comes to walk with The Love Magnet to Primary, I won't follow. I do, however, reserve the right to peek through the window of the Primary room. I want to see it happen again.

And again.

And again.


Kimberly said...

What a sweet milestone.

heather said...

Love it! I can imagine the joy in your heart as you watched that exchange. It's all of our dreams to have that with every child our children associate with. It was great to talk with you today. Please let me know if Saturday afternoon will work for you and I will plan something.

Anna said...

That is huge. How wonderful for TLM and for you too :)

ParkerMama said...

This just made my heart sing.