Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunday Gratitudes

I am grateful for the rain and all the spring flowers. These are growing in my front yard. I have no idea what they are but I think they are beautiful. I am grateful for simple beauty in my own yard.

Aaron Barker Photography you can see his work here

18 years ago today I entered the Salt Lake Temple for the first time to receive my own endowments. I made promises to my Heavenly Father to be the best person I could be. That day was such a beautiful day. My twin sis helped me all through the endowment along with my mom and Grandma S. Afterwards, Mr. Wonderful took me on a quiet drive to talk about the covenants I made and what our future would be. (Our wedding date was set for the following week.) Now, whenever I go to the temple, I renew those covenants. I feel incredibly blessed and thankful for that opportunity.

On May 1, 2008, The Love Magnet had open heart surgery to repair her mitral valve. Last Friday we celebrated Happy Heart Day. I didn't make it a very big celebration, but is was big in my own heart. I am so grateful that she is healthy and that the surgery was successful. I'm grateful for that scar she has on her chest. I'm thankful that her doctors had the knowledge to perform the surgery successfully. Most of all, I am grateful for the strength that Heavenly Father gave my family, and for the love and kindness and prayers from our extended families, our ward families, our friends, our T-21 buddies and their families, my Cookies, and my Internet kindred spirits whom I haven't yet met. I felt all your prayers.

On a less serious note: Firstborn had his first date this past weekend. All of his friends canceled on him, including the guy who was going to drive. Poor Firstborn, he had to endure his mom driving him and his date to the movie theater. He didn't talk the entire drive. When I asked them if they were being so silent because I was there, he remarked "yeah, and this is the most awkward drive in my life." But he survived the humiliation and even had fun. And his date was darling. My gratitude here? He was chivalrous and remembered everything I taught him about treating girls.


The Country Mouse said...

Oh, man. You had to drive them? AWK-WARD! Glad you all survived it. :)

Angela said...

Aagghh!! How awful (for him, not you). Doesn't he have his license yet? Why couldn't he take the car? I want an e-mail or a phone call on this one. If I don't hear from you soon I'm calling......:) Yay! Heart Day!!! I remember her being here for that last year and then all of a sudden you were gone before I thought you would be because she was doing so well. Please give her a GIANT hug from John and I.