Saturday, June 06, 2009

Accomplishments of The Love Magnet

One of the many reason we love The Love Magnet's teacher and aides:

This year The Love Magnet learned how to draw faces. Apparently she has also learned how to draw bunny rabbits. When she presented this artwork to me today, she made sure to point out that the bunny rabbit has long ears. (I labeled everything so I would be sure to explain it right to Mr. Wonderful.)

She has also learned to think about the story. In this drawing she showed be that Spiderman is caught in a spider's web. Notice that Spiderman is wrapped up like a cocoon and he is yelling and scared. Also, the bug on the left is telling him to stay. The Love Magnet wrote that herself without any help. I didn't know she could spell the word "stay".

A year ago, The Love Magnet didn't draw faces, let alone expressions on faces. Her artistry was limited to scribbles. In this pictures she drew herself dancing with another spider. I was impressed that her figure showed motion and emotion.

I'd show you picture #4 that she listed herself but she also wrote her name on it. Her whole name.
For typical kids, this is not out of the ordinary. Yet I know that every single one of my T-21 Buddy bloggers will be cheering along with me. Along with art, understanding expressions, storylines (and what comes next), The Love Magnet has learned how to walk in the lunch line without help, balance her heavy lunch tray, retrieve her silverware, milk, and condiments, and make her way to the lunch table. She has learned to sit quietly and raise her hand. She knows how to navigate on a computer. She claps to a beat. She learned about the weather, days of the week, months of the year, and seasons. She learned in Health class how to always wash her hands (lots of soap and between the fingers!), to cover her nose and mouth when she coughs (and why that is so important.) She improved her vocabulary and speech. She has learned routines to practice for occupational therapy.
Thanks Mrs. P. Thanks Miss M and Miss M. Thank you Computer Teacher and Music Teacher. Thanks to "Grandma P" who taught the writing workshops. Thank you to all of the therapists.
My daughter has grown this past school year.


Lily said...

Very cool work LM! The picture of your mommy is beautiful and I'm sure she is so very proud of you. Keeo up the good work!

heather said...

Oh. my. goodness. Those are the cutest drawings. She is good! You've got a budding artist on your hands. She has grown so much in one year. You have every right to be proud!

My name is Sarah said...

What great drawings. I really love the rabbit. Very cute.

Monica said...

Yahoo Love Magnet!!! I love your artwork and stories!!

Angela said...

Yay! I'm so proud of her (and your family- you guys deserve credit as well) She's such an awesome niece. I just adore her. Also I love your new pink beard. You'll have to make sure you keep it around when you visit here again. :)

Scarehaircare said...

That is not a beard - that is a pink shirt. I am seriously considering the punk-pink hair during my next trip to the salon. I wonder if Mr. Wonderful would like it?