Thursday, June 18, 2009

Becoming a toothless ninny

"Hi! I'm pleased to meet you!",
is what the Love Magnet used to say.
(and, look, her bangs are finally growing back. She knows now that only Kelly cuts her hair and nobody else.)

Now her favorite greeting is
"Hi. I lost my tooth."
(It often sounds like "I woff m'wuff" since she tries to show the evidence as she announces the news to every single soul on the planet.)

And for the Amazing Sarah, one photo of our hands. You can barely see the tell-tale crease in the middle of The Love Magnet's palm that is one of the signs of Down syndrome.

Another sign of Ds is crooked pinkie fingers (you can see TLM's pinkie's bend a bit). Interestingly enough, Mr. Wonderful's brothers also have crooked pinkies.
If you look even more closely you may see smudges of green marker that didn't quite wash off my daughter's hands. That is a sign of the Picasso faze she is currently going through.


Amy said...

My nephew has DS and just lost his first tooth. He just turned 5 in January, we were all so surprised that he was the first of the cousins to lose a tooth.

Haley said...

Hey, I am down with clinodactyly. Crooked pinky fingers rule! Personally, I also like the gap on the bottom created by the lost teeth. TLM and her cousin can be twinners.