Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sunday Gratitudes

Rain and really loud thunder - although The Love Magnet doesn't like it. She runs to hide in our arms. The noise reminds her of fireworks. "Too loud, Mom!" But Mr. Wonderful and I love the rain. We've even based date nights on a platter of gourmet cheeses, crackers, olives, marinated 'shrooms, non-alcoholic sparkling fruit juice, and watching the lightning from the upstairs playroom.

Choir music - we're working on Petrie's Choose The Right which will be sung next week. My choir is really pulling together. They blend well and work hard. They also put up with me.

While we're on the subject of good music, I really like Vocal Point. This is music the whole family can really enjoy (I've been on a crusade to find clean music to last us through the drives to see family). It cracks me up to hear my kids sing along. We have the Nonstop CD. I plan on buying more.

Everyone around the dinner table - Firstborn left right after dinner for a week-long EFY. I know he was excited to go. I will miss him. Of course, the dinner table might be a little more quiet without him to tease his siblings.

Yesterday we went on our first family bike the rain. The Love Magnet made it down the street on her first bike w/ training wheels. She has low muscle tone and tires quickly. After a ways she declared herself tired and was ready to quit. I knew she wasn't faking as she really wanted to go on with her brothers....she just wanted me to push her bike. Still, I am proud that she did it. We have a family goal to help her get strong enough to bike around the block by the end of the month. Did I also mention how grateful I am the Mr. Wonderful bought me a very cute bike?

My garden growing. The tomatoes and peppers are doing great. My new-to-try-growing this year is okra. I hope it works. I also have Japanese eggplant, beans, and herbs. Forgot to plant the zukes. Might have to try and see how fast they can grow. In the meantime, my darling neighbor has graciously offered to let us come over whenever we want to pick strawberries. The best part of summer is garden fresh fruits and veggies.

Being asked to sing solo in Relief Society. I'm worried....I haven't sung solo without crying for the past 20 years (long story). I used to sing with confidence. I was praying that Heavenly Father would help me get my confidence back.....and was immediately presented with this request from one of the ward sisters. I certainly was not expecting to have my prayers answered in this manner nor so fast. I have two weeks to practice. Please pray for me that I will have courage, sing on key, and have a peaceful heart. Especially, please pray for a peaceful heart. I really appreciate it. This probably should say that I am grateful that our Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers.


The Country Mouse said...

Whatever you do, don't pray for patience! I learned that one the hard way ... :)

Al, Wendy, Max, and Lil said...

You'll do great Carrie! Don't worry. As far as the Okra...Really?!

Michelle said...

Thank you for your comment and sharing about having your daughter repeat 1st. I do think having the extra year will benefit Kayla - especially, as you mentioned, maturing too.

Her current K teacher told me she's all for having kids repeat if they need it, but she did let me know the principle isn't a big fan of that - I think it's because of the NCLB act and how that reflects back on the school. So I'm prepared for arguments tomorrow, just have to see what they say.

Lily said...

The blogger below left a comment on Lily's blog. I know how much you like cooking so I though I would share.

Sunny said...

Have you tried a tag-a-long bike for The Love Magnet? It would allow her to help pedal, but she can rest when she is tired.

This is a link to an Adam's trail-a-bike. You can find these on Craigslist for under $100 dollars.

This is a link to a Trail Gator:
These are fun because they attach to the child's own bike. You can attach it to let them rest or keep up, then detach to let them ride independently, all on the same ride.

Maybe you're already familiar with all this. Thought it might be helpful for Love Magnet to build strength while being able to go along for longer rides with the family. We have a trail-a-bike if you'd like to borrow it to see how she likes it.

Soozcat said...

You can do it, Carrie. I know you can.

The only way I've discovered to get through a song without crying is--and you're going to laugh at this since you know what my voice is like--to pretend I'm on Broadway, singing solo in a show that sells for $100 a seat. I tell myself "These people didn't pay $100 to hear me cry." :) Silly, but it works most of the time.