Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thanks, Daddy....

Thanks, Daddy, for those early years. I know you didn't plan on premature twins and the resulting much bigger hospital bill. Thanks for convincing the nurse to let you in our room so you could give us a blessing.

Thanks, Daddy, for putting up with the daddy-daughter dates in my preteen years. One of my favorite pictures include us at the sock hop, pretending to sip an ice cream soda. Another involved you and Grandpa S taking twin sis and me to a square dance. You made those times fun.

Thanks, Daddy for for playing your guitar nearly every night. I gained my love of music from singing with you. It was worth singing in all of those ward talent shows. Now kids in my area have learned the songs I grew up with: Sneaky Snake, Singing in the Kitchen, Who's The Greatest Singer, Long Tall Texan, and Put Another Log on the Fire. My kids have all had the lullaby You Are My Sunshine.

Thanks, Daddy, for pre-screening every single one of my dates. At first I was embarrassed. It wasn't long before I counted on you to interview them. (I wish I would have listened to you opinion more carefully on some of those boys.)

Thanks, Daddy, for being the loudest person cheering after my musicals and choir performances. Yes, I could hear you. (You were also the loudest person cheering at each one of my brother's sporting events, too.)

Thanks, Daddy, for telling my you liked Mr. Wonderful and that I should marry him.......long before I ever thought of it. You were right. Thanks for not giving Mr. Wonderful too hard a time when he took you out to lunch to ask for my hand.

Thanks, Daddy, for all the father's blessings given to me and for prayers in my behalf. I know you worried about me a lot.

Thanks, Daddy, for the advice you gave after The Love Magnet was born. You made it much easier to trust Heavenly Father's plan for my family. You also sent me an email right before her heart surgery that was inspired by Him. I will always cherish your counsel.

I wish I were there to sing to you I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home so I could throw my arms around your neck and give you a great big kiss on the cheek. That's been a tradition since I was a little girl. I've never grown out of it.

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