Thursday, January 28, 2010

So Smart

The Love Magnet's teacher called. The state testing is done. The special implementations for testing were utilized: testing away from the other kids and the timer was kept out of TLM's sight
(she just wants to play with it which doesn't help with testing)

Top score being a 3 (at grade level), bottom score being a 1.....

The Love Magnet scored a 3.

The goal for all 1st graders is to read just over 52 words per minute by the end of the school year.

The Love Magnet read 50 words. The school year is half way done.

After celebrating with the teacher over the phone, I picked up The Love Magnet and whirled her across the kitchen, yelling "WAY TO GO! YOU ARE SO SMART!"

The Love Magnet laughed and cheered and answered "I KNOW! I SO SMART"

Doggie Girl jumped and barked. The boys all cheered along. Mr. Wonderful came home and was greeted by The Love Magnet yelling "DADDEEEEEEEE! I SO SMART! I SO SMART!"

Secondborn announced he received the top math score in his class and had a tshirt award to prove it. TLM yelled "YOU SO SMART! I SO SMART, TOO!" more dancing and celebrating ensued.


Today, report cards came out. Thirdborn brought his to me. More smartness abounds as he shows tremendous reading improvement which also helped his math score. Dyslexia and Disgraphia will not conquer his spirit. He was so thrilled with his rising skills and so was I.


Soozcat said...

You guys so smart!

Anonymous said...

I had goose bumps reading your blog today! Yea LM! I'm so proud of her! Also with second and third born. I could feel how proud you are in your words. I'm proud too! You have the most awesome family. I can't wait to see where they all are by the end of school! Woo Hoo!

Tandy said...

That is incredible! Way to go!

heather said...

The Love Magnet IS such a smartie! Always has been. I love her comment "I know! I so smart!" What a doll!