Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Christmas 2009

The traditional Nativity play. Thirdborn was Joseph. Secondborn was the donkey (for some reason he loves playing that part). The Love Magnet insisted on accompanying Joseph and Mary thru Bethlehem. I think she was standing guard.

Firstborn (middle in white headband) was a wise man. Or a shepherd? Wait, maybe he was Nephi, prophesying about the birth of the Savior. The cast keeps getting bigger every year. There are three grandkids missing from this pic and the rest of teh kids still fill the room.

We celebrated St. Lucia Day with the first and third grades. Many fond thoughts and hugs to Miss Morgan (my 2nd grade teacher back in the '70s) who started it all.

First in line to see Santa. TLM still wouldn't tell him what she wanted. She just wanted him to ho-ho-ho. Softly.

Singing with the primary kids at the ward Christmas party. Thirdborn is there, too, but hiding behind everyone else.

We were away for two weeks. Sorry about the lack of posting. And the lack of Christmas cards. But I am now rested and rejuvenated and ready for Spring Semester.

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