Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sunday Gratitudes (on a Thursday)

while I have a moment between all the tons of studying:

I am grateful I that I can read. Especially reading all of the literature I have to cover this semester. I'm also trying to collect scholarly articles and journals pertaining to Down syndrome and language development. I was thinking today about the love of reading instilled in me by my parents. It's a good thing. I'm certainly getting my fill this semester.

Tons of gratitude for this new laptop. It has been a good thing to type notes as I listen to lectures - I type much faster than I can write. Much of my education includes interactive software. It has been a good thing to have an updated computer with all the bells and whistles to make this easier.

I am thankful that the kids are back in school, too. They really needed the structure - especially The Love Magnet. As fun as vacation was for her , it was hard to be away from home and everything familiar. She loved being with her cousins. Her feelings were all too clear when we got home. That night, she went to bed without being asked, lay down in her favorite position, and let out a satisfied "ahhhhhhhhh".

Firstborn did something very nice - he snuck his Secondborn's new iPod and spent an entire evening downloading Secondborn's favorite songs on it. It was his Christmas gift to his brother. I am grateful that he found a way to give service rather than buying something.

Secondborn bought a chessboard with his birthday money and has been challenging Mr. Wonderful to games. He has also been teaching Thirdborn how to play. I love it when my family finds a way to entertain themselves without a TV. That is something for which to be grateful.

There is a graduate student at school who has been so kind to answer all of my questions and offer advice on subjects where I don't know what questions to ask. We've talked about graduate school, the GRE, choosing a specialty, NSSHLA, and volunteering for summer projects with the International Children's Surgical Foundation. She has been more than generous with her time and I am grateful that she has been come a mentor for me.

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Miss you sweet friend.