Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday Gratitudes (on a Monday)

Yesterday was hard. Bit of drama. Two choir practices. Worries about some of the youth I've worked with. I didn't think about gratitudes until lights were out.

Thought a lot last night.

The Young Women theme starts out with "Please stand for truth and righteousness"....(does it still? I haven't been in YW for so long I am not sure.) I had an opportunity to do just that this past week. I stood up for Integrity. It didn't go over well and resulted in the loss of one friend. I had Mr. Wonderful go over the entire conversation to see if I erred and just couldn't see it. No, he agreed with my stand. I will miss that friend. But I am grateful that I did make a stand for integrity. I never expected the outcome that happened.

I am grateful for safe food. Safe, clean water. A mattress. Medicines. Available doctors. Safe streets and neighborhoods. I pray that these things will return to Haiti. I keep up on the news every day about our brothers and sisters over there.

As I cuddled up to Mr. Wonderful last night, I thought about a blog friend who is finalizing her divorce. Her husband is addicted to prescription drugs. She has lost her home. But evidence of Heavenly Father's tender mercies, she has blogged about how her ward found her a small home to rent (so she wouldn't have to spend the time looking) near her kids schools (so they could have continuity in their lives), built a fence and fixed up the home (she has a child with special needs) and are helping clean and pack so she won't be overwhelmed. This has made me think of our ward who have taken such good care of us when we really needed it. the visiting and home teachers who check up on us. The teachers who help my kids. I'm grateful for our ward family.

I am grateful for the friends I've made at school. We're studying together and supporting each other. They are a great sounding board for ideas. We're all moms and totally understand how hard it can get to make time for 14 credit hours of school on top of everything else.

As always I am grateful for Mr. Wonderful, my own Mr. Darcy, a tremendous fount of knowledge, my best friend, and my own personal Michelangelo statue. I don't know what I'd do without him. He is also my logic in a very illogical world.

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