Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sunday Gratitudes

I know. It's been ages since I posted any gratitudes. I have felt the lack on a daily basis. I have no other excuse (and truly, excuses are lame) of being too busy, too bleh, too.....yeah. Lame.

Today I am grateful for the people who caught my daughter in the church parking lot. The Love Magnet ran away from me as church let out. The halls were crowded and she could easily slip past packed bodies where I could not. My profuse apologies to those people whom I shouldered out of the way as I tried to follow her down the hallway and out the door. I gave up running long enough to drop my scripture bag, the Sunday quiet bag, and my purse, kick off my sandals, and book it after her. she made it through two rows of the parking lot without looking both ways and (thank heavens) without getting hit by ward members leaving the their vehicles. When TLM got to the third row, another mother, hearing my yelling, turned around just in time to grab her. I finally caught up to them and swept her up in my arms. As soon as she saw my eyes, The Love Magnet knew that what she did was wrong. I haven't been that scared, ever.

I'm grateful for my Relief Society President for gathering up my bags and shoes and bringing them to me. When she asked me where I was parked, I couldn't tell her. My mind wouldn't work, numb from watching my daughter run. Thank goodness, Secondborn remembered where we parked. R.S. President talked calmly (which helped me immensely to calm down, too) and made sure everything and everyone got into the car before she left. I had enough presence of mind to be embarrassed about the state of my car (sheet music and kids homework everywhere).

I'm grateful that I didn't cry. I know, odd duck. But I cry at everything. I'm been praying for awhile to get a grip on this. For once I didn't get teary during or after an event like this. I consider is a sort of triumph. Or maybe I was just too scared.

I'm grateful that Firstborn made Acapella Choir (the top choir at school.) Yeah, proud mama here.

I'm grateful that The Love Magnet and I are finally over the nasty spring cold going around. Unfortunately, Mr. Wonderful and Secondborn picked it up. I hope Firstborn and Thirdborn avoid it.

I'm grateful that we were able to host family for Memorial Day weekend. My aunt and uncle, another aunt and uncle who live in Oregon, my cousin and his family all came for good food and good conversation. I've missed having extended family around.

I'm excited for our summer plans. Some of that I will blog about tomorrow. Should make things exciting and educational.

Off to research child harnesses for future family vacays (to prevent wandering).


Staci said...

Talk about scary. We had an experience kind of like that this past week. Our 4 year old just figured out how to open the big metal gate to get out of our landlords driveway. Her and her little sister were coming inside but she decided to go out the gate and cross a semi-busy street. Luckily, some friends from the ward were driving by and were able to see them and grab them. It's scary what can happen in a split second. We really struggle with getting our daughter to understand what is dangerous. She is a runner too and often runs away from us if she isn't in a cart or on a leash backpack. If you find out any excellent harnesses or techniques to help with the wandering, I would love to know.

Soozcat said...

One of the most fearsome things about parenting (or even pinch-hitter parenting) is the ability to imagine with excruciating detail what could happen to your child. I'm so glad you got some help for TLM when she decided to have a "running freeeeee!" moment.