Monday, June 07, 2010

First Grade Graduation

Today was the First Grade Graduation Luau for The Love Magnet. The luau was held at Teacher's house. We filled cute little buckets with red, white, and blue Jelly Bellys and a GC to her favorite coffeehouse. I made a fruit salad. We chose to walk to Teacher's House.
The Love Magnet immediately got down to business at the luau. She had some serious talks with her friends (along the line of "I come to your house tomorrow, okay?")

She played on the backyard playground, insisting that I stand back and let her do it all herself. I had no intention of helping her. I was just trying to record the moment.
Mr. Wonderful tried to get her to conquer the monkey bars. She had been talking about it all afternoon, insisting that it was okay for Daddy to help her. But when the time came, she lost all courage. Nothing her daddy could say would change her mind.

Firstborn and Secondborn were good sports. There wasn't anyone their age to play with. They did bring a football, and spent quite a bit of time smacking each other. Thirdborn was moving so fast that the camera didn't capture him.

She ate a good dinner. Well, she ate potato salad. She didn't care for the hot dog. Mr. Wonderful thought it was sacrilege that a luau had hot dogs and not Kahlua pork.

Then it was time to put on graduation hats and have the ceremony. The Love Magnet's hat was too big. It didn't stop her from wearing it.

Graduation included an award. The Love Magnet was given the Sunshine Award for bringing sunshine into the class room. Then she took a bow and Teacher popped a balloon filled with glitter over her head. TLM is now officially a second grader.

Her first act as a second grader? She came to her mom, dumped her diploma and hat, leaned over, and proceeded to shake all the glitter off her head and onto her mom. She didn't want glitter in her hair anymore.


Sandy said...

It's so hard to believe that she is turning into a "big" girl now. She doesn't look like your little baby.

I must have come into your life about 3 years ago when she was still small and doing some pretty funny things. She is growing so nicely. I know that you are proud of her and all of your children!

Soozcat said...

Your kids are awesome. Even the one who is too fast to be caught on camera.

heather said...

She looks like such a big girl! Morgan wouldn't have ever kept that hat on her head or enjoyed a balloon popping above her head. Just another reminder that all of our kids are individuals and unique.
Congrats on becoming a big 2nd grader!