Monday, June 21, 2010

Goodbye Happiest Place On Earth

Goodbye Donald. You're a cool duck, but you're not her favorite.

Goodbye beach. We had great fun boogie boarding and building sandcastles with Grandma.

Goodbye Toon Town. We wanted to take one of your cars home.

Goodbye rides. We were so glad that everyone was tall enough this year to ride.

Goodbye Goofy. You were awesome. But you weren't The Love Magnet's favorite, either.

Goodbye Roger Rabbit ride. We would have loved you if you hadn't broken down right when it was our turn. We had to make do with props.

Goodbye Train around Disneyland. You made it easy to get around.

Goodbye Handy Manny. YOU were The Love Magnet's FAVORITE. She followed you around the park until you stopped for pictures. When she told you she loved you, you KISSED HER HAND. My daughter talked about it for the rest of the day and all the next during the plane ride home. You made her summer, Mr. Manny.

Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa. We had so much fun with you.


Soozcat said...

Congratulations to Handy Manny for getting to know the Love Magnet! Not everybody gets to do that.

Wendy said...

We heard all about your fun trip from Mom and Dad! Glad you had fun and made good memories with them! I got your comment on my blog. If we move, I will "sell" those to you :) I think they are 84". It's funny you'd ask about their length. Everytime I see the picture of them, hanging there, I cringe. They really should be hung 6-8 inches higher on those windows---so they should be 90-92 inches. Hopefully not many people notice!

the holmans said...

Looks like a blast, nothing like a family vacation is there? Our kids love going on trips with our parents too. Lucky kids.

Angela said...

Oh the jealousy I have for your trip. It looks like a blast- and all your kids are smiling! yay!

The Ursenbach's said...

I can't believe how big your kids are getting! I love it!