Wednesday, January 12, 2011

14 Days of Valentines Plan-o'-Days

Sorry, this is a bit later than I promised. But here it is (*cue fanfare*) My 14 Days of Valentines game plan:

Day 1 (Tuesday): One gift basket full of all the triathlon and training stuff he keeps meaning to get but never has time, plus a note telling him how sexy I think he looks in his bike gear.

Day 2 (Wednesday): Me and You - a letter with my plans for our special Valentine's dinner.

Day 3 (Thursday): movie tickets and red vines candy. (Remember this is Firstborn's birthday so keeping it low key.)

Day 4 (Friday): 4-ever in love with you (recreating our first dance. Must get CD or MP3 download of Simple Mind's Don't You Forget About Me.) Yeah. That's when I first fell in love with him.

Day 5 (Saturday): 4 beautiful children and one cute wife pictures for his office. Irreverent silly pictures. Or just baby pictures including mine where my mom gave me a flat top. Seriously)

Day 6 (Sunday): Breakfast in bed with Pineapple Rolls, thick cut bacon, and a mushroom and Gruyere omelet.

Day 7 (Monday): One banana cream pie (his favorite) for Family Home Evening treat, with accompanying cheesy poetry.

Day 8 (Tuesday): Madness Make-It-G0-Away. I take the kids out and he gets downtime to do whatever he wants. Provide latest book he said he wanted to read, make sure his gym clothes are clean if he wants to work out. Dinner will be homemade pizza with a pepperoni heart.

Day 9 (Wednesday): Love note about our 20th Valentine's Day together and reminiscing about our 1st one.

Day 10 (Thursday): Ten Things I Love About You (written in calligraphy on a scroll)

Day 11 (Friday) Date night. Trip to the temple to do sealing and remember our own sealing in the Salt Lake Temple. Followed by dessert at our fave place.

Day 12 (Saturday) Valentines Dinner. Put kids to bed early. Menu will be posted soon.

Day 13 (Sunday) 13 Ways to say I Love You written on his truck in those fun window paints. Yes he will have to wash the car but he will have to wait until Monday. *grinning*

Day 14 (Monday) Home Evening about the importance of being a good husband. This is geared towards the boys, using their dad as an example.

I am particularly excited about days 11 and 13. SO EXCITED for V-Day 2011! Tell me about your plans, especially if this is the first year you try it. As always, look on the right side of the blog for the label cloud and click on 14 Days of Valentines for intro to the whole shebang and even more ideas on what to do to romance your Mr. Wonderful.


Kristin said...

You are so good.

My name is Sarah said...

Hey we play Mindy in our store. We love her music.

*~LaVonne~* said...

WOW! This is great!! Thanks for sharing! I better get to work on my 14 days of LOVE!! :)

Christie said...

Mom did not give you a flat top. Your hair just grew that way... naturally. :)

Leah said...

I bow down before you. Seriously. I'm *really* gonna try to do it this year (the 14 days of valentines that is, not the bowing part) I owe it to him. Lord, I promise to try not to drop the ball on this one.

QueenM09 said...

Hey! love your ideas! I came up with the idea of 14 days of Valentines day last yr for my boyfriend...only to find there a lot of people that do it! heh! who woulda thunk?! anyhow, last year was great! On the first day I started out with a card and continued giving him or him finding one everyday until the 14th and then gave him things based on the number of day! This year I'm repeating the card idea but making some on my own, its more loving and creative and shows him i really put thought and time into them. I havent found out what im doing for day 2,3,and 4 but for day 5 I choose 5 candies-on the big hunk chocolate bar im going to write " you are my big hunk" along with 4 other candies and funny/cute sayings. Day six, im getting 6 gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries...he loves them. Day 8, im going to get a few boxes of those conversation hearts and leave 8 loving messages with them all around the house! heh! Day 10, a romantic letter written about how wonderful our past yr was and how wonderful i know it will be in the future. written on heart shaped paper, but cut into puzzle pieces...throughout the day he will have to find all 10 to read the love note :D Day 14, is a cd of love songs that we both love and that speak miles about our beautiful relationship <3 I cant wait for Valentines day to come!!

Angela said...

I've been around nearly 13 years and haven't seen this yet. Not fair. I'm going to need a photo of the flat top.