Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Speech, reading, and Down syndrome -or- funny things The Love Magnet says:

"Mom, I read Poobs magazine. Can we get Poobs magazine?" The Love Magnet looked at me expectantly through the rear view mirror as we drove home from swim lessons. It wasn't her look charming and irresistible so I can get what I want look. It was a genuine I read something that was really cool and I want to share it with you look. But, Poobs? Wait.......MY DAUGHTER READS MAGAZINES?!

"Honey, I have never read Poobs magazine. What is it?" I had no idea. Have you ever heard of it?

"Mom, it Poobs magazine. It really cool!"

"Honey", I answered, "I don't know anything about Poobs magazine. Where did you read it? What was in it?"

"I read it at J's", she said definitively, as if it solved everything. Okay, the family who takes her to school twice a week. The Js are helping me so I can attend my early class.

"Do you want me to call Js and ask them about it? Or you can tell me what you read in it."

The Love Magnet grinned from ear to ear. She tilted her head to one side and put her pointer finger against her cheek. She thinks this is what people do when they are thinking. The kid is literal. "It about Clifford-the-big-red-dog an' Martha speak and dinosaurs!"

Hmmm. My mind tried to find the combination between these odd subjects. Brain cells coalesced ideas until the fog dissipated.

"Love Magnet, do you mean PBS magazine?"

My daughter threw her hands in the air. "That it, Mom! Poobs magazine."

"Honey, its pronounced P-B-S. PBS magazine."

"PBS! That spells Poobs, Mom!"

PBS, you might consider changing your pronunciation. I doubt The Love Magnet is the only child who thinks this way.


Lincoln Farrell and Marilyn Barlow said...

THAT'S MY GIRL! (she's so smart)

Anna said...

So funny. Go L!

Soozcat said...

I'm impressed you got "PBS" out of "Poobs." Wouldn't've guessed that in a million years.

Tiffany said...

Good job, Mom, for taking the time to figure it out!!! You are great!

Linda said...

Thanks for sharing, that really made me smile!