Sunday, January 09, 2011

Real, honest-to-goodness, not-family-but-friends LATEOVER

Last night was another first for The Love Magnet. Her first lateover. Her first real not-family-but-friends lateover. She has never been that long away from me without other family members keeping track of her. And she loved it.

"Mom. I go in all by myself. You not invited. It's my lateover."

She was determined that I understood completely that I was not welcome.

The one thing I regret from having The Love Magnet repeat first grade was that she didn't continue on with her friends. Those kids really looked out for her. They invited her to birthday parties. They came over to play or to swim. The kids in her current grade haven't done the same. The closeness just isn't there. But one girl in particular who has gone ahead a year still invites her to birthday parties. God bless that family for remembering my daughter.

We went to Wallgreens to get a present. The Love Magnet knew exactly what she wanted to get: 4 uber-bright colors of nail polish (yellow, aqua, fuchsia, and sparkly purple), nail stickers, hair pretties and a matching necklace that changed colors when exposed to sunlight. Girl stuff.

She asked nonstop every waking hour for three days "When we go to party, Mom? Don't forget it at 5:00." I was quizzed to make sure I knew when to go. She made sure I knew where to go. Finally, when it was time, she reminded me for the entire 15 minute ride that I was not to go in the house. I promised that I would stay at the door.

She hugged me goodbye and tried to push me out.

I worried a little bit. I have no problem admitting it up front. The Love Magnet was gone for 4 hours. I trusted the family. I just wondered if my daughter would remember her manners. I worried if she would stay with the girls and not go off on her own to play with toys. I was afraid that she would forget to use the bathroom in all the excitement and have an accident.

When I picked her up, she was disappointed to see me. She must have been tired, because other than the initial expression of not wanting to be the first girl picked up by her parents, she put her shoes on and hugged everyone goodbye. She thanked the mom who hosted the event (and looked her in the eyes while speaking to her! - HUGE VICTORY! My DS moms will understand that.)

On the way home, The Love Magnet announced to her brother and his friends (whom I just picked up at the Y) that she was tired. She hugged her daddy and me and went straight to bed when we got home.

I'm cheering the independence. I'm thrilled about the remembered friendships. I'm at peace with her growing up.

I'm thinking we need to host more playdates and a lateover. Encourage more friendships.


Wendy said...

That is great! What a huge thing!!

Kimberly said...

Here's to nail polish, late-overs and growing up!