Saturday, April 21, 2007

Has This Happened To You?

Yesterday, while driving home from Boise, Idaho, we stopped at Mountain Home to get some lunch. While DH waited in line to order food, I left to use the restroom.

When I came back into the line with DH and my family, DD asked loudly "Mommy, did you go potty?" The crowd around us started to chuckle and I quietly answer her that I did. DD spoke up again for all to hear "Good girl! Let me see!" I was holding her in my arms and she climbed over my shoulder and tried to reach the back of my pants. The crowd switched from chuckling to full-out laughter.

I wrestled DD back into my arms. May people approached us in line to tell me how cute DD was or to ask DD what her name was and how old was she? DD answered all of the questions and told everyone to "Have a good day!"

There were also people who told me they had a son/daughter/cousin/grandchild/ or neighbor who has Down syndrome and wanted to share stories and feelings about them. I have discovered that DD will open a lot of doors and show a group of strangers that many of them have something in common.

Now if I could just get DD to understand what is socially acceptable for conversation starters.

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