Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Seeing Red

The Stager has come and gone. She remarked that I had a good eye for arranging furniture. Really? Wow, who knew? However, when it comes to accessorizing, I am incompetent. Rather, I should say, I am nonexistent. I do not buy accessories other than a few pieces of artwork to hang on the wall. There is good reason for that.....

As per the Stager's instructions, I went shopping. Four stores and seven years later (it just seemed like seven years because I do not like to shop) I was the proud owner of 4 red throw pillows, 3 bunches of daisies with red vases, 2 topiaries, (and a partriiidge in a pear treeeeeee). I set things up and the living room does look nicer. At least it did until the boys came home.

Popular belief states that bulls are drawn to the color red. Well, my boys are drawn to red, too. As soon as they came home they noted the changes to our living room. They were drawn to the red pillows............and could not resist the urge to have an impromptu pillow fight. I barely saved the topiaries from being knocked over.

I tried to calmly explain to the boys why we had new accessories and how they were supposed to make our home inviting to prospective buyers. I finally had to end with threatening that anything red was outlawed from their persons and they would be severely punished if caught with any red paraphernalia.

Lucky for me our neighbors just bought a basketball stand. Hopefully the novelty of my new accessories will pale in comparison to a daily ball game.

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