Saturday, April 14, 2007

Seeing Green

Today DH went on an adventure. After calling the local sod company to find out what their prices were (and letting them know that we would be picking it up in order for them to know which price to quote him), DH went to the sod be told that they had run out of sod. Why did they not tell him that when he called? Because they didn't know he wanted it today.

DH then called me to ask for the address to the next closest sod farm. To be safe, he had me call them to find out prices. All I could get was a recording that they couldn't come to the phone right now and that they started cutting sod on April 1st. DH decided to just go out there........and found no sod farm. Nothing but residential addresses. They apparently had their own sod and were not selling any.

DH finally went to Home Depot to pick up a pallet of sod. not the best quality but by then we were just wanting to get the job done. With help from the kids (DS#1 and DD were playing on the dirt pile) we did the entire job in a little over an hour.

Now it is a bit of a shock whenever I look out the window and see green where there wasn't green before. It makes the house look so much better. Who knew that green grass could make me smile?

Next week: trees, bushes, and flowers all to make our house look good to potential buyers. Please keep us in your prayers. We are specifically asking Heavenly Father to bless us that our house will sell quick and at a fair price.

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