Monday, April 23, 2007

Home and Faith

We found a house we like in Idaho. It is perfect in every way for our needs. And the way it fell into our laps is a bit of a miracle.

DH and I had toured a different house with the same floor plan in this neighborhood. We loved the rooms, the kitchen, the layout, the neighborhood. The elementary school is within easy walking distance. There is is a neighborhood pool and more than one neighborhood park. We didn't like the paint colors but that can be changed with some effort. But buying the house would mean no money for other things like sports, vacations, and fun times. We decided to pass.

We had narrowed down the choices to two and took the kids to Idaho to make our decision and put down an offer. Our Realtors greeted us with some news: there was another house on the market we just had to see. It was in the neighborhood and the floor plan we liked. It was also the model home which meant it had every single upgrade the builder could fit into it. Most important of all, for the next 24 hours the price had been lowered $65,000 for a quick sale. It was within our price range.

We toured the house. Actually we tore through the house. The kids ran around already picking rooms and planning out their lives. They begged us to buy the house. Everything is finished including landscaping and fencing. The only honey-do for DH would be food storage shelves in the garage along side what organization he needs to put up for his tools. We put an offer down, not expecting for it to be accepted. We were a little anxious about it since the offer would not be contingent on us selling our house first.

We were almost home when we got the news that our offer was accepted. This whole experience feels right but we are struggling with our faith because we still need to sell this house. Our realtor calls it thinking positive thoughts. We call it faith and hope and pray this turns out well. Please pray for us that our house will sell quickly at a fair price.

Oh, and if you are ever in our new neighborhood, our house includes a guest bedroom.

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