Wednesday, September 05, 2007

There She Goes. There She Goes Again.

Today I drove to the school to pick up DD (I had errands to run) which meant that I approached the school from the front instead of the back as I usually do when I walk. At the classroom door I was directed to go inside the kindergarten room. Once there, I was informed that DD had been missing for two minutes. The special ed aides were running everywhere looking for her. I sent one outside to the back of the school were the playgrounds are located. There she found DD, backpack on, running home. DD wouldn't stop and had to be physically stopped. She pitched a fit until she heard me call her and then came along calmly. I made DD look each aide in the eyes and apologize for scaring them and breaking their hearts. DD acted very subdued and knew that what she had done was wrong. We came home. She quietly ate her lunch and then asked to be excused. She then made her way upstairs, changed into an old shirt of DS#1's and laid down quietly for 45 minutes.

Fast forward to tonight. DH and the two oldest boys were at scouts. DS#3 and DD were tucked in bed and sleeping (or so I thought). I was watching a movie when I heard a door shut. I didn't think much of it until I thought to see if it was DH and the boys coming home. I opened the door to the garage and found the garage door open but no DH. I then ran upstairs to make sure DD was in bed. No little girl in her bed. I ran outside and started to panic as it was getting dark and I didn't see her anywhere. I had no idea of how long she would have been gone. I called next door neighbor who is DD's personal aide at kindergarten. She ran out with her two daughters to start looking with me. I ran inside to check under her bed, no DD. As I ran past my dark bedroom to go downstairs I noticed an extra blanket on my bed. There was DD sleeping in my bed, so little that it was hard to see her near the pillow shams. I went outside to call off the search. Dear-Next-Door-Neighbor was out of breath and said she could not handle this twice in one day. I apologized profusely (while shaking and near tears). DNDN and her daughters were so sweet about it and said they would help anytime.

It turns out that DH came home, opened the garage door, realized he left his briefcase at Scouts, and left to go get it. The sound of the door shutting was them as they started to come in and instead left to get the missing briefcase. I laid down on my bed next to DD and thanked God that she was safe and prayed for understanding and knowledge about how to teach her not to wander.

On a lighter note, check out this link to the Special Olympics scandal:

That should make you smile.


Sandy said...

God is good! Little Lauren found twice in one day!

Blessings on you, Carrie. It is not always an easy task being "Mommy."

Love & blessings,

Haley said...

So scary! I hate that feeling and to have it twice in a day is just wrong. It sounds like you have great neighbors and people looking out for you.