Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Therapy For Me

One of my favorite times of the day is when DD comes home from kindergarten. I pick her up (rather than have her take the bus) so I can talk to her teacher and her special aide to find out what happened that day.

When we get home, DD tells me what she wants for lunch, usually noodle anything. I give her the special pink flowered plastic place mats that are our own special lunchtime mats. There are only two so we use them when it is just us. The pink flowers on them scream "No Boys Allowed". She is now tall enough to get the spoons out of the utensil drawer by herself. Today she grabbed six spoons and carefully counted them as she set the table. I reminded her that the boys would not be home until almost dinnertime. She asked "Daddy come lunch with me?" DH could not be here, either, so DD put four spoons back in the drawer.

By the time she is done setting the table, I have soup heated up in the microwave. I set the bowls down and pour the milk. Then we bow our heads and hold hands while DD says the prayer on the food. She is sure to include thank yous for milk and crackers and bowl and spoon. This time she remembered on her own to bless GamaPapa Africa (my parents who are missionaries in Africa) and also blessed her daddy.

After the prayer we eat soup while she tells me about her day. We talk about the letters she is learning to write (L, O, and A), the colors she used today in art, and what she did at recess. Today she listened well at story time and was praised by her teachers. That was a big accomplishment as she doesn't like to sit still for long. When lunch is finished, she clears her own bowl, spoon and cup. Then she grabs the new books she brought home from kindergarten and we head to my room.

My bed is as tall as she is, so it is funny to watch DD climb up. She still has those acrobatic moves as she climbs on the rail and then hikes one leg higher than her shoulder to help push herself up onto my bed. We snuggle together amid blankets and pillows and read books. DD is sure to point out the letters she knows (all the capital and some of the lower case). If there are repeating words, she reads those to me. Actually, I think she just remembers them and knows when I point at a word and look at her it is her turn to recite her part. That is okay, she is still learning.

With books finished, we cuddle quietly for a few minutes. DD usually falls asleep quickly. I don't want to leave. I love holding her and looking at her sweet features. But, laundry and kitchen need to be done so I eventually drag myself downstairs to be a grownup. But, sometimes, I stay in bed. DD is my love-magnet. She radiates love. Sometimes its more important to stay.

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heather said...

Lauren is such a sweetheart! We wish she lived closer to us so that she and Morgan could be great friends together! She sounds like she is doing great at kindergarten. That must be fun for you to spend so much time with her--now that she is the only little one at home during the day.