Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday Gratitudes

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First of all, I am so grateful for modern technology! We set up a video phone on the computer and were able to talk to my parents in Africa for the first time yesterday. It was wonderful to see their faces. My kids were so excited and talking all at once that it was hard to communicate at times. The sound didn't work well and we ended up typing the conversations while watching the video feed. Yesterday afternoon we ended up taking the webcam back and buying a better one. Can't wait to talk to them today!

Today during Sacrament Meeting, the Young Men's president got up to share his testimony and mentioned that he had challenged his YM to get up and share their testimonies today. Ater ten minutes with no young men, but a lot of young women, kids, and adults sharing their testimonies, my Firstborn got up and shared his testimony. That takes a lot of courage! I was proud that he would meet the challenge and awed with his faith and what he believes. Apparently the bishop was impressed, too, because he called DS#1 this afternoon and asked him to speak in church in two weeks. DS#1 did not seem put out. He immediately got online to see the talk by President Hinkley that was to be the focus of his talk.

DS#2 has tested so high on the state testing that he has been moved up to the tougher programs in school and is practicing (and acing) 7th grade level spelling tests. He also had the opportunity this past week to go to a college football game with DH and spend some quality time with his dad. Hooray for vendors who love to give football tickets away and hooray for a great DH who immediately thought of his sports-loving DS#2. They had a great time.

I already mentioned the adversity that DS#3 has faced this past week. Last night he came into my room before bedtime and we talked about what happened that week. We said our prayers together, with him going first. In his sweet prayer, he asked Heavenly Father to bless him that he will be able to remember what he learned and to make everyone feel welcome and liked in school so they wouldn't have to go through what he did. DS#3 also asked for help with his handwriting. The Spirit was strong. DS's faith is so simple. I hope I have faith like that.

DD has really started to improve in her letter writing with big thanks due to her aide. DNDN has worked hard with her all week. Now DD wants to practice on every available surface. I am grateful that she remembers that the walls of our home are not an appropriate surface to practice on. Now if I could just get her to understand that important papers are not an appropriate surface, either. I am grateful that she is so motivated and loves to learn.

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Haley said...

Wayne and I love reading your blog. It is inspirational. Hope #3 has a better time at school. I don't think there is anything more difficult than seeing your child in any kind of pain whether it be physical, emotional, etc. Jacob absolutely loves him. Way to go to everyone else too!