Friday, September 28, 2007

Hard Times in Elementary

DS#3 has been having a hard time in school. His teacher called to tell me he had been acting up, which didn't sound like him at all. After talking to him we discovered that two boys had been picking on him at recess. They had previously been his best friends but had since had a falling out. DS even gave them his tooth fairy money to try to win them back. (Kudos to their parents for making them give the money back.) We had a mtg this morning with his teacher to talk about things. DS and his two antagonists have been to see the school counselor to work through their conflict so hopefully that has been resolved.

DS also hates handwriting because he doesn't do it well. It just doesn't come easy to him which is normal for boys this age. DS's teacher is one of the great ones and came up with wonderful suggestions to help him in school and at home. Since we all believe in helping him work through adversity, rather than making it all better for him, the next week or so might be tough for him but he can handle it.

Before we left, Teacher had to share a funny DS-ism with us. This past week, DS was in line at lunch and was clearly excited. When Teacher asked him why he said "Because we are having my favorite pizza for lunch today!" Teacher said "So, you REALLY like pepperoni pizza?" "No", DS replied, "I really like SQUARE pizza!"

Yes, I think he will be just fine.

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