Saturday, November 10, 2007

Caramels, memories, and injuries

Yesterday I spent the morning making caramels. The smell of homemade caramels is the smell of Christmas to me. My mom would make caramels every Christmas for neighbor gifts. That rich butter-cream-sugar smell would permeate the house. I loved the memories that were coming to me as I stirred, checked the candy thermometer, and stirred some more. I mentally planned out my blog on the memories, my mom, and the caramel recipe.

Finally, at 250 degrees, it was ready to pour. I had two foil covered pans sprayed with butter spray ready to go. I poured the caramels into the two pans. then I noticed that there really wasn't enough candy for two pans so I proceeded to pour the candy from one pan into another.

The foil of the pan I was pour from fell off the pan and wrapped hot caramel around my right hand.

The kids heard me screaming and came running from all corners of the house. Caramel doesn't wash off your hands. I was afraid to pull it off as it cooled under the running water - I was afraid all the skin would come with it. Finally, with DS#1's help, I got the candy off my hands and checked the damage. The base of my thumb on the outside to my wrist, the pointer finger, and the inside of my ring and pinkie fingers. All have 2nd degree burns. I knew from DD"s burn emergency last year that pain is good. Pain means there isn't irreparable damage to the skin. The kids wanted me to go to the hospital but I knew the hospital couldn't do anything more than what I could do at home.

DD was hysterical at first. At 5 years old, she still remembers very well her burn form September 2006 (Check out the miracle on the Sept 2006 blog entry). She calmed down after a few hugs. Throughout the day she would kiss me and love on me. She and my three boys were the best medicine of all.

I spent the day plunging my hand in cold water with a little ice. It was the only way to stop the pain. DH came home last night with meds the pharmacy recommended (that didn't work) and gauze. And flowers. Sunflowers and rusty-orange mums. Is there any doubt of why I love this man? He took care of me the rest of the evening. I took Advil and Tylenol PM and somehow managed 8 hours of solid sleep last night.

The pain isn't so bad this morning but the blisters look nasty. I had to cancel the cooking class on Christmas treats and neighbor gifts that I was supposed to teach this afternoon at church. I had no food to taste test other than the caramel - my day of cooking didn't happen after the accident. I told the Sisters that I would teach it at my house right after Thanksgiving and told them what happened. Today I am spending the day low-key at home.

Other than feeling really stupid and some pain, I'm fine.

In case you were wondering, the caramels taste great (the ones without essence of me, that is).


CandyandLadybugs said...

Ouch! Sounds pretty painful! I hope your hand heals quickly. ((((((HUGS)))))))

BTW, I love caramels. :-)

Tammy and Parker said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. I hope that tomorrow feels better.

I LOVE the new blog look. It is gorgeous!

Sandy said...

Oh, Carrie, I am so sorry that you injured yourself. Burns are so nasty and hurt so much. I am sure that you probably have aloe vera growing at your house. It's been a friend to me with the smaller burns that I've had at home and the blistering on my back from the radiation received during breast cancer treatments.

And the blog just looks beautiful! I really like the refreshing new look!

Blessings on you,

Soozcat said...

Oh cripes! Carrie, how awful! I hope things heal up quickly and well. Your poor hand.