Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Welcome to the newest member of our family

A year ago, DD's special educator recommended that we get a dog to give DD someone to play with and hopefully cure her wandering tendencies before they got worse. The boys were so excited as they had been begging for a dog for years. But I never had a pet beyond a gerbil (unless you count the cat we had less than 6 months who ran away).

After moving here we decided to make it happen. We went to the local Humane Society and I introduced DD to the head person there. I explained what our needs were and how we had no idea what we were doing. The Humane Society was great and pick out this cutie for us. Dear DoggieGirl (DGD) is fully house trained, crate trained, obedience trained, and knows lots of cool tricks. My boys are so excited and have started working on Frisbee catching.

DGD has been so sweet with DD and very patient. DGD still has a few things we need to address with the trainer this week. Other than that she has become a member of our family faster than I ever thought a pet could.

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Sandy said...

Carrie, I love the fact that you have added DGD or DDG to your home/household. Hopefully she will be a blessing not only to DD, but to the entire family.

I am sitting typing this in my jammies with Skye Bird-Dee clinging to my shirt. All of us can do with a little adoration from a pet! LOL!!!

I read your post from Scrament Day and loved it! And thanks for the beautiful picture! It is so much more of what we saw on our visit there this summer.

I updated my blog today, too. I am seeking God's guidance and discernment in my life as you are.

Perhaps our life is about that-- seeking.

Blessings on you on this beautiful day that the Lord has made!

Sandy in North Texas with a Blue Skye and a Green Bogey