Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday Gratitudes
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1. My brother came to visit this weekend. I was so grateful he would take time out of his schedule to spend it with us. Since he was by himself, some of my nieces and a nephew decided to tag along to keep him company. I hope we entertained them well enough. We still aren't fully comprehending what is available out here. He did say he had a great time and made us feel so good about hosting him. I love my bro!

2. The football lovers took in a high school state championship game this weekend(our team won!) There was also a local college football game on TV that was a must see. DH bought takeout from a barbecue joint we found out here. Who knew we would find awesome barbecue in the middle of Idaho? Gotta be grateful for real smoke ribs and burnt ends. Mmmmmmmm.

3. My niece who, like me, isn't into sports, was happy to accompany me to check out the local tea shop. I found a lovely herbal rooibos tea, DD was given her very own pot of what she called Yummy-ade (you would call that lemonade). Dear Niece ordered hot chocolate and was presented with an over-the-top-chocolate-extravaganza-in-a-mug. I'll post the pic of her with said chocolate concoction soon. We also enjoyed lavender scones, cinnamon scones, chai-spice cookies and jam and cream. This is not something I would do on my own but it was so fun to try it with DD, DN, and my aunt. I have to admit: I was surprised with the prices charged for tea and scones. I know I could do it at home for less so I think I must collect some fun tea things. There is a good English shop in town where I can purchase clotted cream. I know I have good recipes for scones and tea sandwiches.

4. I totally forgot choir practice last week. Not only has my choir forgiven me, they practiced on their own and got a fair bit done. We sing next week in Sacrament Meeting. I am looking forward to sharing a song about gratitude with the congregation.

5. My burn is healing well. I think it looks nasty but according to my doctor (and a nurse who lives in my ward) it looks just like it is supposed to.

6. Amazing Grace just dame out on DVD this weekend. It is a movie about how the slave trade was abolished in England. This is currently my favorite movie. I am so grateful for people who had the bravery and endurance to end slavery. I am also grateful for those who make good movies that I am proud to watch with my family. Those movies are becoming more rare every year. We are getting to the point where we do not take our families to the movies much at all because even the PG movies have a content we do not want to be exposed to. I love intelligent movies that show the best of the human spirit.

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7. My parents just posted pics from their safari on their blog. They had been working so hard as missionaries, it is nice to see them get a break and enjoy themselves. I bet the never thought that in their lifetime they would go to Africa. Check out their blog. I am also grateful for the project they just completed of obtaining 500+ books for a school in the DRC. The pictures and story about that are worth seeing and reading.

8. Today was the Primary Program in our ward. I love hearing the kids sing and seeing them participate with spoken parts. This year I was in my usual spot as chorister so I sat with the kids. I sang along with them. Our closing hymn is my favorite: "I Know That My Redeemer Lives". This song is a testimony that has strengthened mine. Listen to it here:


Soozcat said...

So, which song of gratitude will your choir be singing?

Scarehaircare said...

Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing. You can here it here: