Thursday, November 15, 2007

Going to the doctor

I went to the doctor today. The skin on my hand is starting to fall off and it hurts! He said it is healing well, trimmed up the dead skin, applied silver-something-or-other and rewrapped it. But while I was waiting I took pictures. I know it is disgusting, so my apologies if you can't stand it.

The blisters on the pads of my ring and pinkie fingers have almost healed, The main damage was to the base of my thumb. There is also a nasty blister next to my first finger knuckle that you can barely see. The position of my hand was as if I was shaking your hand so the burns cover that side of my hand. There is a lot of discoloration that the pics do not show but the doctor said would disappear over time.

The whole office came by the door to pop in and see the injury and ask how it happened. I heard the nurses telling other staff in the hall. It was a bit strange to become the daily side-show. At least I think they have a daily side-show, surely I am not the only one? I should have charged admission just to offset the cost of the visit.

My doctor has cautioned me to be more careful the next time I make caramels. Oh, and he wants me to bring some to his office.


heather said...

I am glad it is healing well...but that is quite some burn!! Ouch! Lots of hugs from the Seals!

CandyandLadybugs said...

OUCH! I hope that it heals well over the weekend. See you on Monday!

I love working with Lauren. She's such a cutie! And I love how excited she is when she sees me. :)

Spice Girl said...

So glad it's healing! I won't be attempting caramels this year... :)