Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Traditions

My Grandma S made hundreds of red jello popcorn balls every Halloween. Kids came from all over for those treats, even though Grandma lived on a busy street. Parents who had received them as kids brought their own little ones to collect their own Halloween popcorn ball.

I always managed to take my kids to Grandma's house last. She loved seeing the kid's costumes. We'd hang out for an hour as the trick-or-treaters dwindled, visiting Grandma and talking about everything while the kids played with toys or read books to Grandma. When it came time to go home, Grandma would fill a grocery bag full of the remaining popcorn balls for us. Here is where I admit to greed: I would let the kids have one popcorn ball each and horde the rest for myself. There, I said it. I'm greedy. My flaws are many and glaring.

I am missing Grandma and her popcorn balls tonight. I didn't have time to make any so I popped a quick batch of popcorn (using my new Whirly-Pop. You have GOT to get one of these! Have you noticed the ingredients and salt amount in microwave popcorn?) and topped it with butter and cinnamon sugar. I thought that it would at least be sweet like popcorn balls.

Tasted great.

Still craving popcorn balls.

I miss Grandma.

Last night, as I was driving home from swim practice, I started thinking about Grandma's popcorn balls....and soon big fat tears rolled down my cheeks. I told Grandma how I missed her. I told her that I needed the rest of her recipe for Date Pinwheel Cookies (the baking instructions are left out of the family cookbook she made). I told her that Mom and Daddy are coming home and how excited every one was in my family. I think she heard me.

Tomorrow I will make red jello popcorn balls one day late. And I will make sure that my calendar has a Halloween list of things to do next year. Between the decorating and the costume planning (which didn't happen too much this year for obvious reasons - see Wed. post) will be "make time for popcorn balls". I think my kids will like that tradition.


Robyn said...

Scare - I would love this recipe! I'd also like to post the story and recipe on my blog. I loved the red popcorn balls as a kid, I never knew they were made with jello!

The whirly pop is worth every penny! It's quick and the popcorn tastes so much better than microwaved.

Monica said...

Sending you hugs~ Grandma's are the best!!! I also would love the recipe. And Love magnet is adorable!! Hope everything health wise with you is better!! Your in my prayers~