Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happiness is....

Finding my communications book after believing that The Love Magnet took it for a bit of light reading (She has been caught reading my psych textbook while lounging in her bed waiting to be tucked in.)......and, no Mom, it wasn't under my bed. (I knew you were thinking that.)

Finally (finally!!! Oh Happy Day!) finding research that works for an upcoming communications paper.

Three whole quiet hours of uninterrupted work to find said communications textbook AND complete the research.

Happiness is not..... APA format. MLS format. Chicago style format. (Especially when you haven't done anything like this for 18 years.)

Happiness is....Mr. Wonderful telling me that I am being too hard on myself when stressing about school and not being able to keep the house in order (yet. This is a goal I'm still working on.)


CandyandLadybugs said...

I hear you on the formats. Can't we just write the paper already! :)

Anna said...

for the works cited page you should check out RefWorks and Endnote. Your library/university may have a free subscription and it'll do all the formatting for you. Wish i'd known about that earlier in college. Good luck!

Spice Girl said...

Or try That's what I use. It's an automatic bibliography maker. Type in your info and away you go.