Monday, October 20, 2008

News from the (Love Magnet's) Heart and Happy Birthday to Mr. Wonderful

Today we went to see a new local cardiologist recommended by our pediatrician. The Love Magnet showed she still remembered the routine for being weighed and measured. She held still for the echo. (Proud Mom Moment: when the radiologist (echo-ologist?) asked her to take off her shirt, the Love Magnet looked at me and asked if it was okay. We have been talking every day about modesty and that we show no one our private parts, not even doctors, unless Mommy or Daddy are there. The Love Magnet remembered and did exactly what we told her to do. Woo-hoo!!)

Then we met with our new pediatric cardiologist. She listened to The Love Magnet's heart for a few minutes and checked her all over. Then Dr. Cardiologist turned to me and said "If I didn't see the scar, if I didn't have FOUR INCHES of paperwork sent to me from PCMC telling me exactly what was done, I would not know that your daughter had heart surgery. Her heart sounds perfect."

Perfect! (I love the sound of that word.)

What a present to add to the 40th birthday of Mr. Wonderful. Mr. Wonderful loves that I am older than him (but he was conceived first - I was born three months premature. So there.) We had a quiet family dinner at home (Garlic Lovers Shrimp and Scallops over pasta, Caesar salad)and a purchased cheesecake since I didn't have time to make a cake today. I think he enjoyed it. He loves his new birthday present (running shoes. REAL running shoes.) The only thing that would make this day perfect is if we got miracle news that our house in Utah sold.

Pssst. Anyone want to buy a fabulous 4 bedroom family house in Lehi? Leave a comment and I will let you know the details.

Leave a comment anyway. Tell Mr. Wonderful Happy Birthday. Tell The Love Magnet hooray for her heart.


Michelle said...

Praise God that LM's heart is healthy! Whew! I'm so happy. That is the best news I've had all day! :) :) :) :)

Soozcat said...

Happy birthday, Mr. W! Thank you for marrying my "kindred spirit" and bringing her much joy and smooches.

And hooray to LM! (Toldja she had a strong heart.)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Wonderful! Hope he enjoys the new shoes and hope he plans on running with you!

I'm so thrilled for Love Magnet good report! Answer to prayers!

I'm still praying for you house in Utah! I just know it is going to sell soon! Keep the faith friend!

Take care! I don't know how you are doing all that you are but you amaze me. Keeping your parents in prayer as they travel home soon!

Love you!

Spice Girl said...

Carrie, I am absolutely crying tears of happiness about L's heart. What great news!

And happy b-day to Mr. W, too!

Put on some red know the routine. :) Give him a big smooch!

Haley said...

Happy birthday, bro. Sorry, I just can't bring myself to call you Mr. Wonderful. I stole Haley's log-in. Glad to hear that DD's heart exam was golden. I'm currently enduring a 27-hour shift on the cardiac ICU and would love to hear a few "golden" hearts tonight. It was great seeing you in UT. Have a good one!

Johnna said...

Hey, belated birthday wishes to Mr. Wonderful, and a hip, hip, hurray for the Love Magnet's heart!

Robyn said...

What great news! Pass along birthday wishes to your husband!

I think we should all just start a real estate exchange program. WE'd be able to put up the location of the home we wanted to trade, tell them where it is and see if a 2, 3, or possibly even 4 way trade could get us all moving to where we want without the burden of an extra mortgage payment.

Monica said...

Happy Bday to Mr.W!! And I am so happy for you all about Love Magnet's heart!!! God is Good all the time! and All the time God is Good!

mum2brady said...

Happy belated birthday Mr. W and HOOORAY for L's heart!!!! That is wonderful news Carrie!!!

As for the house - I've got one - and praying that all will go well in the job market so I can continue to have one :)

Hope it sells soon!!!