Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday Gratitudes

Brother #4 and his family came to visit. The kids had so much fun with their cousins - especially The Love Magnet as she got to hang around girls for three days. We were going to take the girls to a local tea shop for a tea party but....I can't stand the idea of paying $25/person for something I know I can do just as well at home. I decided to do just that - make it at home. Why else would I have a formal dining room in my house?

We trekked over to a British import shop and picked up currant jam, clotted cream, "Lemon Cheese" (we call it lemon curd), and chocolate covered biscuits (cookies). The Love Magnet was checked out of school as it wouldn't do to have a proper Afternoon Tea without her. At home my auntie made cucumber-mint sandwiches while I made cream scones and heated water. We mixed a bunch of herbal teas (peach/raspberry/mango) and served it with honey and fat-free half-n-half. Auntie brought over her tea cups (I didn't have any) and I set the table with my wedding china and cream colored linens.

A new tradition was born! All the girls had a great time (and asked if we could do it again the next time they came). They brought their own fancy hats and provided one for me. We found a bright red straw hat in The Love Magnet's dress-up box for Auntie. (Yes, we took pictures. You'll have to wait for Sis-In-Love to email them to me. Trust me - they are cute.)

Things I would do differently: make my own lemon curd and hunt down more authentic recipes so I could make things in advance. I served a tinned golden syrup cake from the import store that was tasty - it must taste fantastic when its homemade. I will also be checking TJ Maxx for British comestibles as it would be cheaper than the local import store. I'll have to start collecting tea cups (I adore mismatched sets) and hunt for proper tea things. I might have to start a collection of fancy hats and gloves, too. After all, we must be proper in these things.

Here's my gratitude for Brother #4 and his darling family as well as gratitude for new traditions. I'll have to come up with a guy tradition so the boys do not feel left out.


Anna said...

have you thought about doing petit fours?

I'm totally jealous of this tradition and adding it to my mental list of things to do if I have a little girl....or to do with my nieces. Now there's a thought.

Lily said...

What a fun mommy you are - this sounds like so much fun!

Soozcat said...

Yay tea parties! I haven't had one with V in some time. Wonder if she is outgrowing it. :(

Nah. I'm 38 and I still haven't outgrown the need for a tea party once in a while.

Looking forward to photos!

Funk Master B said...

Tim Tam Slam!!! Wiki it, try it, and thank me later.

mum2brady said...

Ohhh - sounds sooo much fun! What a great new tradition! Love your gratitudes!!