Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The 14 Days Of Valentines

Its that time of year again! Time to show your Mr. Wonderful (or Mrs./Miss) that he absolutely warms your heart. Take the first 14 days of February and do something for him/her that will be completely unexpected, completely charming, and completely knocks his socks off! See the previous post under the 14 Days of Valentines under blog labels for ideas.

I had a few questions come up last year that require the following clarification.


1. This is not a vehicle for you to dump guilt on your Mr. Wonderful if he is not the romantic type. If you are a guilt-dumper, change your ways or your are not allowed to play.

2. This is not a contest. There is no competition to see who comes up with the best ideas. All ideas are free for the taking. In fact, I encourage the sharing and taking of ideas. Your only prize will be a deliriously happy Mr. Wonderful (or Mrs./Miss....you get the idea).

3. This is not a build up for gifts. Do not expect a gift. This is for you to completely shower your Love with pure love. Completely selfless. You do not automatically deserve jewelry for doing this.

Okay now that is all settled. Onto the sharing of ideas! (Oh, and before I forget: Mr. Wonderful, if you are reading this post - its time for you to log off. No peeking. Shoo.)

Truly he won't read this if I tell him not to read this. Isn't he amazing?

This year I will be changing a few things. Day 4 will still be "4 Beautiful Children" with pictures of the kids. But.....this year it will be a candid shot, completely silly, and blown up to poster size. If the weather permits, it will be hung on the garage door. I shall try to capture his reaction for you.

The 1st Day of Valentines will be One Giant Valentines Day Card that I picked up on sale last year after Valentines Day.

The 12th Day of Valentines falls on Family Night which means we shall dedicate it to Mr. Wonderful. This year I shall be more prepared and make sure the kids are prepared BEFORE the big day.

As for the rest, it will be decided in the next week. I like to give myself at least 2 weeks to gather everything.

Don't forget to make dinner on the 14th just for the two of you. Homemade, or pick up something yummy. I'll post my menu as soon as its decided.

Leave a comment. Let me know what your are planning. Spread the love.

There isn't enough selfless love in the world right now.


My ideas from last year:
Feb 1 - You Have My One Heart - heart shaped chocolates (Dove) in cute red/pink/white takeout box. Heart decoration over his mirror. Box and decoration for $1 each at Target.

Feb 2- For just the Two of Us - invitation in calligraphy on nice card stock to my homemade valentine dinner. Include menu and two candles, and bottle of sparkly.

Feb 3 - The Three necessities for our next date night - 2 movie tix and a box of Red Vines.

Feb 4 - Four Beautiful Children (and one cute wife)- head shots of the kids and me taped to the inside of his windshield. I might even write with lipstick on his windshield

Feb 5 - Five (x2) fingers - massage lotion from Bath & Bodyworks

Feb 6 - Six candy bars in a candy gram - things like Big Hunk, Twix, Sugar Daddy etc. No, I am NOT telling you what I am writing!

Feb 7 - Seven freshly made orange or cinnamon rolls. Hide the rest for later.

Feb 8 - I'll love you for Eternity (Eight on its side). This will be a home made Valentine card.

Feb 9 - Nine Items for Breakfast in Bed - 3 egg omelet with spinach, mushrooms and feta (that makes 6), sourdough toast (7), orange juice (8), broiled fresh pineapple (9)

Feb 10 - 10 - Ten Things I Love About You written on beautiful card stock and propped on his pillow to find when he gets home

Feb 11 - Eleven Reasons we are grateful for our dad and husband Family Home Evening. The kids will be involved with this one. I'll let them run with their imaginations and each come up with something.

Feb 12 - Twelve Hugs and Twelve Kisses. Hershey's Hugs and Kisses (12 each!) in another cute little takeout container. DH shares all chocolates with the kids. As long as it isn't dark chocolate, I have no problem abstaining.

Feb 13 - Thirteen Ways To Say I Love You on Post-It Notes. Start researching languages now. Make sure you write down what language it is. If your DH speaks a foreign language, be sure to include that one in the thirteen languages. Be silly and go for pig latin. Be creative with drawings of ASL signs. Write it Korean/Chinese/Japanese if you know the calligraphy.

Feb 14 - A letter expressing how much I love him and a note to remind him to meet me for dinner at a certain time.

Other Ideas from last year: hide red note card around the room with your fave romantic movie quotes, sonnets, Shakespeare, poetry, and sayings for him to find.


Kimberly said...

I absolutely loved doing this last year! I can't wait to get started. Thank you for the guidance and inspiration.

You are Mrs. Wonderful...

Anonymous said...

I shared this with a friend of mine and she has just flipped out doing this for her husband. I think that this year I am going to do the same. I'll share more as I put it all together. I hope you don't mind me stealing a few of your ideas! They are wonderful! Here is a website that my friend sent me and I wanted to share it with you.



Anna said...

I'm sending a bunch of blog traffic your way to leave their ideas here. I'm so on board. Thanks for reminding me now when there's plenty of time to plan.

And thanks for being such a romantic. It's very inspiring. :)

Monica said...

I must have found your blog after Feb. or I'd remember this!! What a great idea!!! I love it!!! Thanks for sharing~