Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Gratitudes

Today was the first day (for our family) of new Primary teachers. Normally, its a day that is very traumatic for The Love Magnet. She doesn't handle change well. We found out that her new Primary teacher is the mom of a girl whom TLM loves very much. They came over this week to bring my daughter a treat. Sister F included a picture of herself (a very cool pic - she is a photographer) so The Love Magnet would remember who to look for on Sunday. TLM carried that picture around the rest of the week. I kept finding it on the Love Sac, the couch, her bed.....and would put it on the fridge at her eye-level to find again. Today, The Love Magnet talked about her new teacher all the way to Primary. She entered the room and went straight to her new class. No tears. No trauma. I am so grateful that Sister F came to visit. I'm grateful that this year was much easier to transition. The Love Magnet saw her teacher from last year across the room and waved enthusiastically. Then my love turned to me and said "Mom, go to your class." I couldn't. TLM requires two teachers in her class and a 2nd teacher still needed to be called. TLM wasn't happy that I escorted her everywhere. Oh, well.

I'm grateful for the smell of Sunday dinner cooking when I walked through the door tonight. Baked chicken. "Mashed 'ta-toes an' gwavy", cornbread stuffing, veggies and dip, and the ubiquitous jello (it was even green with pineapple - a rarity at this house). I'm thankful that we have food on our table. We are blessed with Mr. Wonderful's job and his willingness to work hard for his family.

The weather has been warmer. Not warm, just not below freezing. I'm grateful to have the sun out again. My mood needed it.

I'm grateful that Secondborn scored so well on his tests this week. He was so excited to come home and give me a play-by-play of every single test. While I am at it, let me express how thankful I am that he wants to talk to me. It's so much better than receiving monosyllabic answers.

I'm grateful for the teachers that will be testing Thirdborn starting this week. I hope their expertise can give us some answers to help him in reading, spelling, and math. Its getting harder and harder to get him to try. He has just about convinced himself that he can't do it.

Today I received an email from Special Olympics that we have been chosen to help host the delegates from Kazakhstan! I am thankful and thrilled for the opportunity my family will have to learn about these people and their culture. We had such a good experience last year with the athletes from Lebanon.


Julie Freeman said...

I;m grateful for your love magnet - she made my day!

mum2brady said...

Love your gratitudes Carrie! WTG LM on loving your new teacher - that is wonderful!!!!

Congrats to 2nd born and hopefully you can get the answers you need for 3rd born - makes me sad that he's ready to give up. That is hard on a mommy's heart. Praying that you will know what you need to do to help him feel happy and successful again.