Thursday, January 15, 2009

More 14 Days of Valentines Ideas

These come from my fellow Cookie Sally. She has some great ideas this year:

1. One apple – you are the apple of my eye
2. You are two sweet – two candy kisses
3. Picture perfect kids - Pictures of kids in heart frames
4. You are four me – give 4 love sayings on heart shaped post-its
5. I am not full of hot air – 5 heart shaped balloons
6. you are my sweetie pie - Pie sliced in six pieces –
7. You are stuck with me – 7 heart magnets
8. – Eggactly what I want - Eight items on breakfast plate – three eggs, two pieces toast, three pieces of sausage or bacon
9. Nine reasons I can’t say no to you – nine is no in german.
10 Say “I love you in 10 languages 11 You hold the ticket to my heart – 11 tickets with love sayings
12. You are my muffin man (inside joke) – give a dozen heart shaped blueberry muffins
13. Sugar and spice – sugar packet and 12 spice candies
14 Fourteen opera cream candies – with a personal saying -

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