Friday, January 09, 2009

Honey don't read this either....Valentine Stuff

Here it is: The 14 Days of Valentines 2009 list

1. Giant Valentine Card (bought at the after-Valentine sales last year)

2. Two Feet – Cheesy poem for a foot rub that night
3. Movie tix and Red Vines

4. 4 Cute Kids poster hung on garage door

5. Five phone calls (I’ll have 5 people call or send emails to wish him Happy 5th Day of Valentines. People he hasn’t talked to in ages.

6. I can’t tell you this one. He’ll love it.

7. I’m in Heaven (new feather pillow and a certificate to sleep in on Valentine’s Day morning (I’ll take the kids out to bfast so the house is quiet. Might try to keep them gone all morning.)

8. Eternity (picture of the SL Temple and memories of how I felt on our wedding day)

9. Family Night about Dads

10. Ten Things I Love About You (send emails, scatter labels, etc)

11. Two candle sticks to light for Valentine’s dinner. Include printed menu.

12. Twelve Love Notes/sonnets/poems/quotes (11 found, 1 original by me)

13. Thirteen languages to say I Love You (hot pink post-it notes on his truck, in his laptop, wallet, on his sun glasses, bathroom mirror, etc.)

14. Dinner and a movie

Now for the menu (which can be changed, but I doubt this will)

Appetizer: Smoked Salmon and cucumber rounds
Soup: Lobster bisque (Costco)
Main: Halibut Oscar , risotto, rosemary bread from Costco
Dessert: Crème Brulee with Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

The recipes for Halibut Oscar and Creme Brulee come from our fave restaurant in Utah, Market Street Grill. In fact, the halibut is his favorite dish. We always would share creme brulee or Raspberry Almond Torte afterwards (which I might make instead of creme brulee). I really miss that place.

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